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2009 Bmw M3

The 2009 BMW M3 brings a new standard to sport sedans and coupes. Under the hood of this lavish and exhilarating new look, is a 4.0L V8, instead of a straight-six power unit that has been inside the M3 for 15 years. At8,300 rpm, the M3 will produce 420 hp, 87 more hp than the competing Audi S4. Not only is the M3 more powerful than the S4, but quicker. The M3 will travel 0-60 mph in 4.6 seconds, a half of a second less than the S4, and the same as the more expensive and more gas consuming Audi RS4.

One of the cooler new options in the M3 is the seven-speed Double Clutch Gearbox with paddle shifters located on the steering wheel. The engineers of the new M3 decided to take it to the limit by providing a new option other than the traditional 6-speed manual transmission.How it works: When shifting up or down-shifting, the transmission system engages a clutch and then disengages the other.This allows the M3 to shift quicker and cuts off any split-second shifting time.

However, it is not just the new V8 engine or new Double Clutch tranny that make the M3 so magnificent, but the aerodynamic new design as well.The M3 takes a brand new aggressive look.The front apron and side air intakes let in more air to the engine along with a mean first glance as drivers see the M3 in the rear view mirror.The rear grille and 4 exhaust pipes, gives even more character to the M3 as well.

Other exterior luxuries include M light 18/19 inch double spoked alloy wheels and exclusive M glossy colors such as sparkling graphite, alpine white, interlagos blue.

The interior is flawless except for the entertainment system. The new hands-on system in all BMW automobiles has been identified to be a little too hard to use. For those of us who are not so technologically gifted, the M3 and all other BMW’s for that matter, will be difficult to operate at first. To the credit of BMW, the new system is convenient in the way that there is no reaching over to touch the navigation screen with our oily fingers or turn the dial to switch the station on the radio. One can simply turn the wheel, conveniently located in front of the glove compartment, that is used for all actions regarding entertainment, communication, and climate control.

However, being a passenger in the M3 is not so desirable. Even in the M3 sedan, there is not too much space to move your legs freely. Everything is relatively compact. It is hard to find a sports sedan that has the leg room that everyone wants. After all, no car is perfect.

Fuel Economy: The M3 will get 14 mpg (city)/20 mpg (highway). Not too great in this day and age; however, it is better than the S4’s 13 mpg (city)/19 mpg (highway).

Price: The M3 is listed at an estimated starting price of $54k for the sedan, $57k for the coupe, and $64k for the convertible. The Audi S4 ranges from about $57k to $67k.

The BMW M3 is everything one could want in a sports coupe or sedan, and perhaps too much. Forthis reason, you need to be the type of person who wakes up ready to drive. But if your the type who does not particularly enjoy driving all the time, then keep looking. The 2009 BMW M3 is for someone who wants luxury, performance, and some head turns.