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Tips for Making the most of Carpooling

Carpooling can be a useful activity, which can save you money, the effort of driving, wear and tear on your car and can help the environment.  There are different things that you can do to make the most of this activity.  Consider the following ideas. Get as large a group …

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Teaching Driving to Teenagers

Teaching Driving to Teenager One of the major rites of passage towards adulthood is the driving of a car. Driving offers the opportunity to begin developing independence. With independence comes responsibility and that is one of the largest challenges in teaching a teenager to drive. Preparing for the License Teenagers …

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How to Increase Gas Mileage for Hybrid Cars

The Green Revolution, ever rising gas prices, and the growing desire to be more energy-efficient has contributed to an explosion in the number of hybrid cars on the road. A hybrid car can get up to 48 miles per gallon, but if you drive your hybrid right, you can get …

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Safety while Driving

When it’s time to drive, DRIVE! Play later! I this day and age the safety of your car depends less on you then in days gone by. That’s not to say you don’t have to be pro-active. Just a bit less so then in the “old” days. The basic safety …

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Tips for Driving in Winter Conditions

We all loved winter when we were kids because it usually meant days off from school, sledding, snowball fights and other fun activities. However, as adults who now have to drive snowy, hazardous roads, winter can seem a lot less fun. The best advice is to not drive at all …

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Preventing Car Theft

You finish your day’s work and head out to the parking lot. You always walk out with your co-worker because the lot tends to be poorly lit. You’re laughing and enjoying the last few minutes of the day with your friend, catching up on the office gossip and ruminating about …

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