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Best Month to Buy a Car

Many frugal consumers have questioned at times if there is a single best month to buy a car, thereby saving a great deal of money over a car deal originated at other times of the year. While warm weather months are notoriously bad for a consumer looking for a bargain …

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Tips for Avoiding Expensive Brake Repairs

Have you ever stepped on your vehicle’s brake pedal to stop for a red light and heard a grinding noise? That sound is not only unpleasant to your ears, it is also very unpleasant for your checkbook and budget. That sound most likely indicates that brake pads have worn to …

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Classic Car Reviews 1964 Jaguar e Type

The 1964 Jaguar E-Type The E-Type was Jaguars first production vehicle not to use a separate body bolted onto a rolling chassis. The E-Type employed the modern design of a monocoque body tub attached to a tubular framework. The hood was hinged in the front and opened upwards. Lying underneath …

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How to Parallel Park a Car

Arriving at one’s destination in a very crowded city with limited parking can be a worrisome event.  The driver has landed…but now, where to park?  The parking structures are full, or they charge enough to make a mortgage payment.  Parking is available on the street, but that could mean…no, oh, …

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Drive way Car Care Products

Drive-way car care means a trip to an automotive aftermarket store, but doing on the week-end when the sun is shining is a bit late. It takes a bit of planning in order to do it to save time and money. The isles of these stores are full of a …

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How to Accessorize your Car

Women don’t accessorize their cars the same way as men do. It also depends on the age of the car’s owner, as to how they accomplish this task. A young woman might consider a handsome young man the perfect accessory to her new car, while an older “mom type” might …

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