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The History of the Seat Belt

Just before WWI they were used in airplanes. This allowed for stunt flying besides safety. By 1930’s they were commonplace in aircraft. 1930’s Doctors began to install seat belts in their own vehicles. They encourage others to do the same. 1954 Seat belts are made mandatory for Sports Car Club …

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Driving yourself to Death Stay Alert on the Road

Driving Yourself to Death Driver fatigue is one of the greatest hazards on our highways, contributing to many serious highway injuries and deaths every year. Driving while drowsy impairs a person’s ability to concentrate and react quickly in much the same way that driving while intoxicated does. A driver may …

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Car Reviews Apollo

Apollo, looks to carve niche in European supercar market Yet another group of designers, engineers and wealthy financiers feels compelled to bring a car to market in the financial and performance stratosphere, and based on first impressions, the automobile world is better for it. Named for the son of Zeus …

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Winter Weather Survial Kit

A winter survival car kit is an absolute necessity in areas with cold, brutal winter weather. Winter weather conditions can change quickly and you need to be prepared each and every time you drive, even if it is just for a short trip to the local market. Accidents can occur …

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How to Build a Car at Home

For a car guy there is almost nothing that can compare to driving a car that you’ve taken from nothing and made into a head turner. Knowing that you have not only invested your money, but time, sweat, and your very heart into making something special. The first step in …

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Ways to Avoid Giving in to Road Rage

There are more cars on the road today than ever before. That means there are more chances you’ll run into a driver who is discourteous to you. They may cut you off, tailgate you, shine their bright lights on you, turn without putting on their signal, ad so on. When …

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