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2011 Ford Fiesta

Ford has put their best foot forward with the new 2011 Ford Fiesta.  Ford has taken modern ideas matched them with the current technology and put them in a compact car all while making it safe and comfortable.  The Fiesta is not necessarily a totally new vehicle, Ford has been …

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Exploring Mens Fascination with Cars

A man’s fascination with cars, trucks, heavy machinery, and tools all stem from the influence of older and wiser men, such as fathers, uncles, and grandfathers. Since the invention of the vehicle, men have taken interest in the “art” of mechanics. A young boy sees his father tinkering with his …

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Is it Cheaper to Lease a Car or own one

Browsing the market for a new car is an exciting and rewarding experience. You may already have just the right car in mind for you or perhaps you plan to test drive a few first. You might be under the impression that this will be your toughest decision when it …

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How to be Safe on a Motorcycle

Safety on a motorcycle is of paramount importance. It is very easy to show off when riding a motorcycle. It is a good way to look cool, but it is not so cool when the emergency services are scraping you and your bike off the road. The first point about …

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How Green are Hybrid Cars

It has been said there is no such thing as a truly green car and this is still true.  Some of the alternatives to conventional automobiles can be a lot better but just how green they are is not always made clear by the manufacturers.  To determine how green a …

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