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An Overview of the 2007 Hybrid Pickup Trucks

As gas prices remain at record highs, many companies continue to provide alternatives to “gasoline-only” vehicles. Although not as early on the scene as hybrid sedans, hybrid pickups are going through many tweaks and touch-ups here and there that are serving to make them quite as reliable as and more appealing than gasoline-only vehicles.

Hybrids use both gasoline fuel and an electric motor, thereby combining the benefits of both by providing the accepted, more “common” fuel while cutting the cost of the same by adding an electric component. Thus, there is improved fuel economy, increased power, and the added bonus of auxiliary power for power tools, electronic devices, etc.

Other advantages to driving a hybrid include regenerative braking, which converts energy that is normally wasted during braking into electricity, and automatic start/shutoff (engine automatically shuts off when the vehicle comes to a stop, and restarts when the accelerator is pressed). Both are aimed at conserving energy and fuel while lowering the cost to the consumer.

2007 Chevrolet Silverado Classic Hybrid

Redesigned for 2007, the most notable changes to the Silverado include a more attractive exterior, with more conventionally stacked headlights and a windshield that is swept farther back, improving the aerodynamics of the vehicle. It also boasts a roomier interior, whose previous ceiling liner has been replaced with the more sophisticated woven liner, higher payload capacities, and the clincher: improved gas mileage (up to 19-21 on the highway). Chevy has also added access-door power windows, sonar parking assistance, and the remote-start option.

The Silverado comes with OnStar, the first year of “Safe & Sound” being free. In the event of a wreck, stolen vehicle, or keys locked inside the vehicle, OnStar will assist with vehicle tracking or automatic door unlocking.

However, it does have its share of drawbacks, which include curtain airbags and stability system that are not standard.

2007 GMC Sierra Classic Hybrid

The new Sierra has many new innovations that make it even more worth buying than before. Its exterior has been restyled to encompass a windshield that is more set back, improving the aerodynamics, and thus, the gas mileage. The interior has been greatly improved, with a different dashboard, larger controls and handles, less “plasticky” plastics, and lower shine. Handling, ride, and interior noise levels have also been improved.

The Sierra also comes with OnStar, which is a virtual lifesaver for the frustrated motorist.

On the negative side, the Sierra’s curtain airbags and stability system are also not standard.