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How to Flush a Motorcycles Cooling System

Cooling system failure and subsequent overheating or freezing and cracking is the most common reason why motorcycles die. Flushing your cooling system and changing your coolant regularly is an easy ounce of prevention. Your motorcycle manual will recommend an interval for changing your coolant, usually a number of miles or …

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Scooters as an Alternative to Cars

Living in Atlanta has been an experience. Having moved to the area nearly five years ago I’ve learned a great deal about what it’s like to contend with automotive traffic and what the public transportation system is all about. When I initially moved here I was driving a Jeep Cherokee, …

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Ways to be Safe on a Motorcycle

There Is a Right Way, and There Are Many Wrong Ways Contrary to the often-incorrect conventional wisdom, you actually can be safe riding with two too-few wheels. After all, we’re talking about both style and attitude, things that even the dimmest of riders can adjust to personal advantage for enhanced …

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Motorcycle Customizing

Imagine being able to ride up and people looking and talking about your sweet bike. To most people that is a dream, a high goal to achieve. Most people don’t realize that lots of great bikes aren’t all that far above the rest. Little things like a new, louder muffler …

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Motorcycle Dynamics

A motorcycle can’t stay upright when it is standing still. The science of how a motorcycle acts when it is moving is called motorcycle dynamics. Balance, steering, acceleration and braking are the most important types of motions in motorcycle mechanics. Other relevant motions are vibration, both from and from the …

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