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Cheap Ways to Customize a Car

We all want to personalize our vehicles but few of us have thousands to spend on expensive custom paint and exotic body kits.  But, there are many options for automotive customization that can be done for a relatively low cost.

Body and Window Decals

Sure, a bumper sticker that makes a personal statement is one step to having a custom vehicle, but it isn’t particularly expensive to go much further.  For under $10 you can get small to medium size decals that promote your favorite sport team or other personal interests.  A handful of these decals in the corners of your windows or strategically placed on the body of the vehicle can give your car a unique look.

If you’re able to spend more there are virtually limitless options for under $100.  From custom racing stripes, windshield eyebrow strips, full rear window graphics to radical flames and full side graphics there are choices to make your car your own.  With a bit of patience and some careful attention to instructions virtually anyone can create a one of a kind vehicle for very little money.


Many small chrome, and other metallic colored, accessories are available for a reasonable price.  Grill inserts can make your vehicle stand out from the crowd.  Door handle covers and window trim will give a subtle and distinct look to your vehicle.  These parts must be purchased to match your specific vehicle but options are available for most cars on the road today.  Custom metallic emblems can replace the stock emblems on your vehicle for an individualized appearance.

Body Styling

While a full styling kit can cost thousands, many options are available for much less money.  Lip spoilers that attach to your trunk lid or under the front bumper are available for many vehicles for under $100.  Custom hood scoops, mostly non-functional but attractive, can be added to a vehicle quite inexpensively.  These items can usually be painted to match your vehicles color but the standard black is often quite attractive, particularly when matched with decals or other styling options in similar colors.


When it comes to options for customizing the interior of your vehicle at low cost the options are virtually limitless.  Seat covers in a wide variety of styles, materials and covers are available for any vehicle.  Custom gauges provide form and function and can be placed on or under your dash.  Floor mats help to protect your carpets while adding styling options.  And, interior trim pieces in wood, carbon fiber, metallic or painted appearances will dress up any car’s appearance.

When it comes to customizing your vehicle it is not necessary to spend a lot of money.  Careful consideration of the goals of your work can allow you to have a one-of-a-kind vehicle for very low cost.