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Classic Car Reviews 1964 Jaguar e Type

The 1964 Jaguar E-Type

The E-Type was Jaguars first production vehicle not to use a separate body bolted onto a rolling chassis. The E-Type employed the modern design of a monocoque body tub attached to a tubular framework. The hood was hinged in the front and opened upwards. Lying underneath the long bonnet was the engine, which was bolted directly to the framework. The front-hinged hood design had been borrowed from the C-Type and D-Type Lemans racers. This gave complete access to the engine, front suspension, and the firewall.
The E-Type was the first production vehicle to have a top speed in excess of 150 mph.
It’s design was created by an aerodynamic engineer named Malcolm Sayer. The six-cylinder double-cam engine had three SU carburetors and produced 265 horsepower. The suspension was independent with disc brakes on all four wheels. It brought together the best or aerodynamics, coupled with the latest technology and propelled by a potent engine. The vehicle was not only fast, it offered excellent performance and handling.
Many people from all walks of life loved this car. The E-Type was a popular vehicle.
It was fast, beautifully designed, it performed well, and was competitively priced. Due to the United States safety and emission regulations, some of the horsepower was lost. This car was so powerful in it’s original manufacturing, The U.S feared the power to be too great. They believed excessive emissions must come from a car with power so great. They were wrong, upon testing, the car proved to be within the emission standards.
Some owners realized very quickly when they purchased this vehicle that it was a car made for just two people. There was no room for friends, or family members. This design is why the car was able to exceed such high speeds.
I personally believe this car to be a fantastic classic car for any collector. I have had the exciting pleasure on multiple occasions to see and interact with this model car at numerous car shows throughout my own home town. However it is not the kind of car I would allow my kid to cruise the town in. This car can only be truly appreciated in it’s entirety by real car collectors everywhere.