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Convert Car from Gas to Water

Cars may be engineered to run on water in the future, but you can not readily or easily convert your car today to use water as fuel. As an engineer, with over thirty-five years in many facets of the automotive industry; and as a seasoned observer of the human race; please let me be the first to inform you that at this point in time there is no way for you to convert your car to use water for gas. As a matter of fact even a small amount of water in your gas tank should be enough to convince you that it would take quite a bit of converting.

Expecting a ‘How To’ article on this subject is akin to expecting that you can stay at a certain hotel one night and wake up a brain surgeon or something. There are, of course, a number of technologies under development which could eventually provide the means to fuel a car with water instead of gasoline. My research shows that in order to accomplish this, the entire fuel system, power generating unit; in fact the entire configuration of the car would be so very different that converting an existing combustion engined car into one of those would probably not be an economical undertaking.

In my decades in the industry, I have many times been approached at parties by amateur inventors who had access to carburators, injectors, vortex generators, filters, heaters and a myriad of other devices which promised to yield the 100mpg car for $10 or so. In each and every case, as the booze wore off and reality set in, it turned out that it was either a scam or they knew someone who said they knew someone who could.

The internal combustion engine fired by fossil fuels has its issues. Dependence on diminishing oil reserves, global warming, CO2 emissions, carbon footprints (feetprints?) – all of these topics and factors can motivate us discover the next breakthrough, but always remember that prophecies are made in context. While researching for a college paper in the ’60’s, I discovered an article that was published in the early 1900’s that predicted that unless horses were banned in New York City, there would be horse manure over three feet deep in the streets by 1915. Turned out that it didn’t rally happen after all, due to some work by a guy named Henry.

Another little problem with changing everything is that it invariably brings about new problems. Ever heard of ozone poisoning? If every car became eectric overnight – would that become the big problem? And, I thought that water was scarce in many parts of the world. If we magically made cars run on water and outlawed gasoline, would millions die of dehydration?

Would the countries with more shoreline charge land-locked countries ridiculous fees for access to water? Would we enter a world like the one in “Dune” where when a person dies, the reclaiming of their water content becomes a sacred ritual? Now that I consider it, I’m not sure I want to know how to convert my car from gas to water – too many social consequences for me.