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Diesel Trucks

There are many people in the world who love diesel trucks, and many who dislike them. It doesn’t matter whether you like them or not everyone likes certain fetchers and dislikes certain fetchers.


Power. Diesel engines are famous for the amount of torque and power they have. There power makes them great for towing and driving in the mountains. A diesel engine has 100s of foot pounds of toque more than a gas engine of the same size. That makes them great for people who haul a lot of heavier loads because they can pull those heavy loads without a lot of strain on the drive train. Good fuel economy.

Diesel engines do get a lot more MPG than gas engines of the same size. Diesel engines can also run on bio diesel and cooking oil which get better fuel economy then regular diesel. Small modifications are required for the engine to run of different fuels. Durability. Diesel engines can take a real beating for a long time. You could slam the gas pedel to the floor every time you take off and it would still last hundreds of thousands of miles. If you take care of it and baby it, you diesel might last you a lifetime.

I often see semi trucks selling with a million miles on them. Making your own bio diesel. There are machines you can buy to make bio diesel. Advantages to making your own fuel is bio diesel gets better fuel economy and you can make it for less than a dollar a gallon. On the down side the machine to make bio diesel is expensive, and you have to find cooking oil to make it with.


Price. Diesel vehicles are mare expensive than gas vehicles. I do not know why they cost mare but they do. Fuel cost and finding fuel. Diesel fuel is very expensive. Where I live in Wisconsin it is over three dollars a gallon. It may also be hard to find a gas station that sells diesel if you live in the city. Less than 50% of gas stations sell diesel.

Noise. Diesel engines are louder then gas engines. Older ones are nosier then the newer ones, and every year they get quieter. So if you have a new one or plan on getting a newer one this shouldn’t be a problem. Oil. Diesel engines use a lot of oil. In a gas truck you might use six to seven quarts of oil but a diesel might take twelve to fifteen quarts of oil. The oil filters to be a lot bigger and cost more than gas trucks.

There are some pros and cons to diesel trucks. No matter whether you like them or not everyone likes and dislikes certain fetchers of diesel trucks.