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Drive way Car Care Products

Drive-way car care means a trip to an automotive aftermarket store, but doing on the week-end when the sun is shining is a bit late. It takes a bit of planning in order to do it to save time and money. The isles of these stores are full of a hundred choices. You should also know that quality car care involves more than a wash, wax and an oil change.

Some research could benefit you before you make that trip to town. Reading your Owner’s Manual is my first suggestion. Next suggestion – have your favorite dealer or car maintenance shop do your list of spring maintenance that you should not be doing. But here’s a twist. You should consider bringing him superior products that he probably doesn’t have in his shop. He may resist because if he would carry your products he would not see his customers as often as he would like. There are a dozen different products that you should be aware to make a spring maintenance appointment productive.

If you have not come to knowledge about synthetics, may I introduce you to some possibilities to consider?  Drive train and engine lubricants are traditionally petroleum based, but current new cars are too costly to allow them to succumb to their premature demise. Synthetic engine lubricants, automotive transmission fluids and gear lubes are designed to protect these components from wear as a consequence of high temperatures and contamination during extreme temperatures that are ahead and down the road. Have you noticed cars parking on the side of an uphill highway, like those to California and through the Rockies, with their hoods up? I haven’t stopped to ask them why they stopped but I can make a good guess. Assuming that they did have it checked before the trip but if they are experiencing hot and boiling engines, it very likely they do not have synthetic lubricants and a quality antifreeze/ coolant.  Look for Propylene Glycol Antifreeze/Coolant which is superior to the common ethylene glycol.  Propylene Glycol is not lethal or toxic as ethylene glycol is. It also lasts longer and is more effective.

You may think that synthetics are too expensive, keep reading. Using quality filtration products that keep your synthetic lubricants performing makes additional contribution to quality car care choices. The air filters that do this are known have utilized “nano” technology. Your car’s engine lubricant, air intake and automatic transmission with superior filters using nano technology filters are your first line of offence against removing contaminants. These filters have the highest efficiency characteristics because of the way they are designed. Common filters will slowly and increasingly clog as the fluid or air passes through it i.e.  ratio of air and amount of contaminants is how the efficiency is measured.

Driving in spring and summer means you’ll likely be driving through construction zones, hail and thunder storms. Having a quality car polish will protect and make your car’s exterior easier to keep clean. Such products contain a form of silicone. Applying this phase of car care, in your drive-way, will save you money.  When you think you’re done, your wife or girl friend will remind you to clean interior. Look for a quality vinyl cleaner/leather and protect for the dash and leather seats. When that morning coffee mug splashes on your seat you’ll be grateful you took care of it. A personal experience with a handful of snow that melted on the seat, proved to me that it would not easily penetrate the surface.

Remember one thing, you will be tempted to buy products of less quality but in the end you get what you pay for. Quality products generally will save time and money in the long term.  A long way of saying, “cost effective”.