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How to Accessorize your Car

Women don’t accessorize their cars the same way as men do. It also depends on the age of the car’s owner, as to how they accomplish this task. A young woman might consider a handsome young man the perfect accessory to her new car, while an older “mom type” might think protective floor mats and seat covers are the best idea, especially if she has two or three little children who must travel with her almost everywhere she goes.Some new mom’s put those “baby on board” placards in their rear windows, or the “my child is an honor student at such and such school”. For the mature woman, I think one of those mirrors that goes completely across the inside of the front windshield, and provides better rear-view vision might be perfect. I’ve also seen a lot of older women driving ahead of me with stuffed animals in their back windows.

I think a great accessory for any woman’s car is a great GPS system. I personally have trouble finding certain streets, and if I travel to a different city, I can end up missing for hours, searching for an unfamiliar place. Even though women don’t put a lot of thought into the outside of their cars, I think nice tires and wheels are a great accessory. I think replacing the ones that come stock on the car is a great idea. A hands-free phone is a must have for any woman who spends a lot of time driving. It lets you talk on the phone while having both hands available to drive the car. There are a lot of really nice voice activated systems on the market, and a lot of cars come with these items allready installed. Tinted windows are nice if they aren’t super dark, they help keep the car cooler in the hot sun. If you don’t like tinted windows, there are those cute sunshades that you put in the front window when you leave your car. Some of them are really cute, and some have request for assistance messages on the back, which you could use to request help if something goes wrong with your car and you need help.

There are lots of things you can put in your car to make it cute. Try cutting a couple of small area rugs made of shag in half, and using them for floormats. You can purchase matching seatcovers and steering wheel covers at local stores like Walmart or Target…I’ve even seen people selling these items at our local swap meets. You can add almost any fragrance to your car by using an air freshener made specifically for cars. There is a huge variety available, and you can personalize your car by choosing one that is specific to you…or if you have a theme, (cherries on the seatcovers, steering wheel cover, hanging from your rear view mirror), you might add a cherry scented air freshener to your car. I love music, and I think a great accessory for my car would be a nice sound system. I think a good radio, cd player, with great speakers is a must have when I drive. Some women might not like to listen to music, but it’s also nice for talk radio, local driving conditions, etc.

Overall, there are many ways to accessorize your car, and every woman is different. Choosing things that are useful, yet still decorative is a good way to go. We sometimes spend a lot of our day behind the wheel of our cars, so it makes sense to be in an environment that is both comfortable and functional. Choosing personalized accessories will make your car your own.