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How to Replace Car Fuses

Replacing a fuel pump fuse is just as easy as replacing any blown fuse in your car. If your car cranks but won’t start up there could be a problem with your fuel pump. Before taking it to your mechanic who may diagnose the problem as a failed fuel pump, you’ll want to check and replace the fuel pump fuse. Sometimes the cause of a non-working fuel pump is just the fuse.

Locate your fuse box – Many cars have their fuse boxes built up into the dashboard, usually in the bottom left under the steering wheel. Some models may have their fuse boxes located near the glove compartment and others still will have their fuses located in a box in the engine compartment. You may even find it in your trunk.

Use your car’s manual, or if you don’t have that then a quick search on Google with your car’s make and model should help you locate your fuse box in your car.

Remove the fuse for the fuel pump – Most cars have a separate fuse for the fuel pump, so the diagrams in your manual should help you locate the right fuse. Some fuses may be numbered or lettered and sometimes a diagram or list is right on the inside of the fuse box cover. Once you have located the correct fuse, pull it out and look at it closely. If the inside of the fuse looks dark or blackened, you have a blown fuse. Also if the metal of the fuse itself seems cracked, or broken, you have a blown fuse.

Put in a new fuse – You can pick up fuses at any auto parts store and they are generally very inexpensive. Most fuses will cost under a dollar a piece. You may want to purchase a pack of fuses for future use. If you aren’t sure if your car takes special fuses, or if the fuel pump fuse is different from the other fuses you’ll need to take the fuse to the auto store. Just have them look up your car’s make and model and they will be able to tell you the exact fuse that will work.

Replace the cover and start up – Make sure the fuse is placed in the right direction and is firmly in place. Replace the cover so it snaps into place. Start your car. If the fuel pump fuse was the problem, your car should start up with no problem.

But what if the fuse blows again and again?

If the fuel pump fuse blows over and over again you may have a dying fuel pump, clogged fuel pump, or problem with the electrical system. If any of these issues is the cause of a fuse blowing multiple times, the fuse will usually blow again soon after it is replaced.

If you replace the fuse and the car doesn’t start, there could be a number of causes for it. If it is the fuel pump, you’ll need the fuel pump replaced. However checking and replacing the fuel pump fuse first is always a good idea. Due to the amount of time and labor it takes to replace a fuel pump, you can save a lot of money and hassle if the problem was just a fuse.