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Motorcycle Riding Dangers of Motorcycles Riding a Motorcycle Motorcyling

Is riding a motorcycle really for you? This is an important question you really need to ask yourself, especially before you drop thousands of dollars on a brand new Harley Davidson.

There is an image with motorcycles. If that is what your goal is, find another hobby. Motorcycles are dangerous. If you are not prepared to pay attention to your surroundings, you will get hurt, maybe killed.

There is no doubt that riding is a lot of fun. You have the wind blowing on you, the sun on you, the freedom of the open road. It is an entirely different experience when you are not enclosed in a steel cage.

It is not all good. The simplest mistake, a moment of not paying attention can cause you a world of hurt. Even worse, every year, countless riders are injured through no fault of there own. Someone in an automobile that is messing with the radio can swerve into you or turn into your lane. When this happens, the motorcycle always loses.

Other bad things that can happen are minor things but can cause discomfort. You are exposed to the weather. Even if it is warm when you walk out of your house, once you are on the highway, it gets much colder. A sudden cloudburst will feel like you are getting hit with hail stones. Even small bugs hurt at 60 mph.

If you are willing to overlook all of these inconveniences and dangers, there is nothing like the freedom of the road. Many people are fair weather riders. There is nothing wrong with this. A lot of us ride in all conditions (except snow and ice). To do this, you have to dress properly and it is still uncomfortable.

If you are worried about all the things that “could” happen, motorcycling may not be for you. If you accept the dangers and discomfort, then you may be a rider at heart.

It only takes a few trips for you to decide for yourself. It is very important to make the decision. If it is not for you, don’t do it. You will only get yourself hurt.

As always, ride if it is for you. Remember, your safety is the utmost importance. Even a minor accident can cause serious damage because of how exposed you are. You don’t have airbags, seat belts, or any of the other safety features that are required by automobile manufactures. When you are on a motorcycle, it is pretty much a very fast, heavy bicycle.