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Pros and Cons Diesel

Pros and cons of diesel

There are many pros and cons of diesels. Some of the pros of having a diesel truck would be that the fuel will last longer. Diesel fuel burns longer than regular gasoline. They also have longer life span on the engine. A diesel truck can run from 500,000 miles to almost 1,000,000 on the engine. While a gas vehicle usually is maxed out anywhere from 100,000 to maybe 300,000 or a little more. They are very powerful engines, and have more pulling power and torque than a regular gas vehicle. A diesel truck can also be good for take heavy loads to places where they are needed such as food, clothing, water, or even medical supplies. You can put power chips to make them have more speed and power. Some good diesel vehicles that are used are fire trucks, ambulances, army tanks for the war.

There are also many cons of diesel trucks. They take a lot more oil than a regular vehicle does. A regular vehicle takes about 5 to 6 quarts of oil, and a diesel truck takes about 14 to 20 quarts. A usual oil change is $12.00 for a gas vehicle and about $60.00 for diesel vehicle. They are also very loud and can also pollute the environment. They put out a lot of fumes in the environment. They are very slow vehicles to. Most diesels have a slow pick up, and also tear up roads because they are so heavy. A lot of people don’t like to go to truck stops because that means they have to gas up in line with big 18-wheelers. They take about 120 gallons of fuel on each tank.

One reason while fire trucks need to be diesel. Fire trucks need to be diesel because they cannot hall around all that weight and equipment if they don’t have the power to hall it.

One reason why tanks are diesel. Tanks diesel because they are made out of metal. They are use to protect the soldiers so it takes a big engine to be able to run the big heavy machine.

The best thing about diesels and the worst thing.

The best thing about having a diesel vehicle is the power and the fuel efficiencey.

The worst thing about a diesel vehicle is the polution and the fumes it puts out into the environment.