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Truck Accessories 4×4 Offroad Lift Kit Suspension Truck Pro Comp Rancho Skyjacker

Trucks. To a man, a truck is like his child, or a beloved item that steals their heart. The truth is, order of importance from least to greatest, is the wife, beer, and truck. Sorry Ladies.

Anyhow, men like to accessorize their trucks, to make them the biggest and baddest. Those accessories mainly involve large offroad tires, Suspension lifts, or chrome. Although there are many others too list, I will focus on these three which are the hottest.

I will start with suspension lift kits, the reason they are so popular is because they boost the ride height giving more clearance on and offroad while giving way to larger tires. Also making the truck look meaner and the man behind the wheel look tougher. Yes, that is the truth. Although this can be a very expensive add-on. WIth that being said a Suspension lift can run a person anywhere from 200-2000 dollars accordingly.

The second accessory I will mention is oversized offroad tires. They go hand in hand with the lift kit. The tires also raise the rig a little higher, to complement the lift, as well as giving the truck an even meaner look. As well as a message saying ” Don’t get in my way or i’ll run over you”. Offroad tires can also be very expensive. They can range anywhere from 600-2000 dollars per set of four.

The third accessory I will mention is chrome trim and other chrome items. These happen to be the cheapest and flashiest of them all. Chrome can be used as vehicle protection, such as rocker panel guards, or bed rail protectors; or it can be used for just show, such as mirror trim, or chrome wheels. It varies by style and personal preference. Chrome accessories can run anywhere from 10-500 dollars. Being the cheapest in our line up.

There are also countless truck accessories that will look good as well, such as brush guards, roll bars, light bars, bed tollboxes, etc. I have just noted the most common and attractive items.

Although keep in mind that you can not just take any truck and add these accessories, and prices vary from every model and year of the vehicle. An open wallet is necessary when wanting to customize your truck, for it is definately not cheap. I have experienced that.

For example, I have a Dodge Ram 1500, I have added chrome side guards, Suspsension lift, oversized offroad tires, and soon a grill guard. And alread the truck looks mean and pretty. For my own work, it came with a price tag of about $2500. However, it was well worth the time and money, because the truck attracts many turning heads and compliments.

Now you have been informed on the hottest truck accessories and prices. Good luck in your ventures, and express yourself!